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A Passenger's Guide to a Horse Carriage Ride

Nothing adds to the excitement of a celebration, no matter the occasion, quite like a horse carriage ride. Passengers often find themselves mesmerized by the rhythmic click of the hooves, the jingle of the bells, and the tickle of light wind on their faces.

Davister's Carriage Rides proudly serves the Green Bay Area and its surrounding communities with a quality carriage ride experience that is second to none. Our team of horses and humans prepares all year round to provide our customers with a memorable experience.

One of the phone calls that we often receive is from customers who have already booked. As the date of their carriage ride approaches, they would like to know what they may need to bring along and what to expect once the ride starts

To help with some of these common questions, below we have outlined a step-by-step Beginner's Guide to a Carriage Ride so that you and your guests can just sit back and enjoy every second of the experience.

Step 1: Follow the Forecast

All of our clients will receive a 100%, no exceptions effort by Davister's Carriage Rides to guarantee that your booking meets and exceeds your expectations. However, despite all of the things that are within our control, there is one that is very much out of our control: the weather.

The most important thing to us is the safety of our guests and the safety of our horses. If the weather at the time of the carriage ride, or the forecasted weather leading up to the carriage ride, puts anyone in danger, we will cancel and reschedule.

However, we train our horses to pull in all kinds of different, less-than-ideal, weather. These conditions, much to many people's surprise, can actually make the rides even more fun and memorable.

There are a few steps that you might consider taking before you load the carriage:

  • Dress in layers, especially in the colder months of fall, winter, and early spring. It is much easier to shed a layer of clothing than it sometimes is to endure an entire ride cold and shivering.

  • Alternately, when the weather is excessively warm, dress light. If you have booked our Wagonette or our People Wagon, you might also want to consider bringing an umbrella. These are uncovered rides, and if the sun is high and the sky is clear, an umbrella can provide a little relief if we are travelling through an unshaded area.

  • We also suggest bringing accessories like brimmed hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen for nice weather (especially on the wagons) and gloves, hats, and blankets for colder weather.

Step 2: Preview the Route

All of our drivers are more than happy and prepared to cover 100% of the navigational responsibilities on the day of your booking. Whether we embark on a Green Bay carriage ride or break away into the countryside of one of the surrounding communities, we will take the initiative to research and map a route that is certain to be perfect for the occasion.

However, we also want our clients to have total ownership of their experience with us. We appreciate it when passengers preview the area to check for potential stops they would like to make (such as bars and taverns or scenic photo ops along the way) and specific routes they would like to take.

The best carriage rides, though, also typically involve a little adventure and spontaneity. So if an unplanned detour or destination is suddenly upon your party and too tempting not to take, just communicate with your driver. We enjoy nothing more than steering our clients into some happy, memorable, and sometimes unexpected moments.

Step 3: Pack the Snacks (and Beverages)

We want your experience with Davister's Carriage Rides to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. One of the best ways to achieve both is by bringing items to eat and drink along the way.

Of course, we encourage you to focus on convenience and practicality when packing for the carriage ride. We've seen a wide range of snacks over the years, from standard bags of pretzels and chips to gluten-free goodies and other desserts. And a cooler with drinks for the kids and beverages for the adults tend to also be very popular carry-on items.

We only ask that you consider food and drinks that will not leave anyone with a large clean-up job at the end of the ride.

The Premier Green Bay Horse Carriage Service

One of the most important things to remember in the days leading up to your event is that Davister's Carriage Rides is sure to deliver a safe, fun, and unique horse-drawn transportation experience. Our family horse carriage business has been serving the Green Bay Area since 1985, and our top priority is customer satisfaction. So whether you booked us for a family gathering, holiday festivities, or just some anytime fun, we guarantee lots of smiles and lots of memories for all of our passengers, young and old. Contact us to learn more about how we can help turn your next event into a celebration to remember!


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